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Assignment 27: Movies and Machines

Purpose: To learn the power of machinima and making alternative movies.

Basis: Actors, sets, cameras and other stuff aren’t always available. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make excellent movies anyway. Machinima is a popular, and powerful, form of story telling that uses modern video/computer games to give you the characters, props and sets for your movie. You provide the story, the camera direction, and the editing. So...

Directions: Provide the story and the camera direction by writing and storyboarding your machinima project. Figure out which pre-rendered graphics program you want to use (Halo, The Sims, Xtranormal, WoW, etc) and get busy creating your tale.

Looking Forward: Start “shooting” the minute you’ve finalized your story.

What to Watch: "Yesterday’s News" by Slashdance. An incredibly solid short that conveys a story without any dialog.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Luke

Umm what program did you use for your one? we found a program but it was to big for the computer.
Could you post the links for me? :)


Unknown said...

At this point in time, I like to capture/stream screens. It's free and you can export straight to your computer. It's also higher quality than Video files of this size can be huge. If that proves to be an issue and you have the internet bandwidth, I'd suggest streaming to YouTube and then downloading their compressed video file. The quality will be lower and it may be harder on your processor to edit, but the files will likely be much smaller.

Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

Yep that's great... sorry...
how do you record movements and expressions?
can you do that in Sims or those other games ones you mentioned?
Sorry i am making myself a pain but i have never done this before.

Luke Holzmann said...

Some games give you the ability to "emote" ... which gives you some options for making them do certain things. Sims has this. WoW has this. Not every game let's you /dance or /cry ... but many do and can be used to great advantage that way.

Hope that helps!

Don't worry, Machinima is a difficult, time-consuming art form. My wife helped me with my Sims video (she has played way more Sims).


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, I'll have a look. :)