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Assignment 12: Face the Music

Purpose: To gain an appreciation for the little things that make a big difference in production quality.

Basis: There is a huge difference between student films and professional ones. Some of it has to do with lighting and camera work and sound quality. But a huge part is the music and sound effects. We don't notice them, but even short thirty-second commercials can be packed with dozens of sounds and musical bits. If you need inspiration, watch your favorite commercials, TV show intros, or movie scenes several times and listen to the sounds.

Directions: Add at least 9 sound effects/music bits for each minute of your movie. [NB: Do NOT use copyrighted music or sound effects for this. It is against the law.] When this is done, share your movie with your family, your friends, or even the world!

Looking Forward: You've finished your first major production. Time to go back to the basics.

What to Watch: "Opening Titles" for Chuck [TV-PG] I found at least 30 different sounds in this 30 second video. How many do you hear?

Watch Samples:

Even more Assignment 12 Samples and Student Examples


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke
Quick question, what sounds do you think I need to add in my film?


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke

all I have added is a bunch of Background sounds. i.g turning the pages of a book, a knife dropping,
eating sounds.
Don't know if that's what you were thinking, but anyway, i can do it again if you want.


Debbie Henkel said...

Hi Luke. What do you mean by "sound effects" and how can we get them? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Here's my try at assignment 12:

Nico Engelbrecht said...

Here is my updated video for Assignment 12. This time with more and better sound effects added.

Katie Mollineaux said...

Here is the final product!