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Assignment 32: Finding the Time

Purpose: To develop some methods for scheduling a shoot.

Basis: Sure, when it's just you and a friend getting together to shoot something, you don't really have to think about scheduling. I used to get together with a friend every Sunday afternoon to make videos. Scheduling was easy then. But very soon, when you start to need more actors and locations, you have to find ways to figure out when the best time to shoot will be. This can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Directions: Put your actor's and locations availability into the Scheduling Spreadsheet. Experiment with arranging the data so you can find times and places that all match up well enough that you'll be able to get the shots you need.

Looking Forward: Start shooing as soon as you can. If your actors and locations are available now, stop reading and get shooting!

What to Watch: "Harry Potter Timeturner Split Screen Part 1" [Harry Potter 3 is PG] Sometimes it's important to be able to go back in time. But to keep things interesting and the story moving on screen, you have to cut out certain bits of action to get to the next important part. This video is a great reminder that editing is the art of keeping things interesting by not showing you everything that happens.

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