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Assignment 21: Make Yourself Useful

Purpose: To learn how to teach others via video.

Basis: You’ve got some skill that others may want to learn. Video is a powerful tool for demonstration, and with the ability to freely distribute it, there’s never been a better time to share what you know. If you ever get to work on an international shoot, for a humanitarian group or missions team, they may need you to shoot some tutorials for the team overseas. You never know when you’ll need to be able to demonstrate something on camera.

Directions: Create a succinct (only a couple minutes long), clear video demonstrating how to do something. This could be making your favorite fruit smoothy, plunging a toilet, beating a video game boss, darning a sock, sketching a character, editing a photo, etc...

Looking Forward: Keeping things short is a challenge. Find out if you’re up to it!

What to Watch: "Multi Tracking" Notice how this could have been even more tightly produced. But it still stays on topic and is relatively short... plus it teaches you a very useful skill in Audacity.

Watch Samples:

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