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Assignment 14: Relive the Moment

Purpose: To learn how to share an experience so others can relive those moments.

Basis: Whether it’s a wedding, an awards banquet, a corporate review, or a church report, you may be called upon to take their photos and videos and create a photo/summary montage. The skill of knowing how to get the shots for such a production are important, but outside the scope of this program.

Directions: Gather up the photos/clips from your last family vacation, sports team’s season, theater production, missions trip, or otherwise and create a photo montage. Remember the lesson from Fat Lady: Your montage should only be as long as your material requires.

Looking Forward: Not all movies require video cameras. Time to try your hand at animation.

What to Watch: "A Little’s Enough" [We Don’t Need to Whisper has Explicit Content and the video contains images of war] While compelling in sound and sight, the editing is not very good. Notice now the material often does not match the music and that the length of the song is driving the video.

Watch Samples:

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Unknown said...

Here is My Christmas/New Year's Vacation video on youtube....

Unknown said...

Here is a compilation of pictures from my trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom last year: