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Assignment 24: The “Good Parts”

Purpose: To practice the art of tightening a moment on camera.

Basis: The “shooting ratio” for feature films is often 20:1... meaning, they shoot 20 hours worth of footage for every hour they use. In live events, you may not have that much extra footage, but you’ll still need to find a way to only show the best moments.

Directions: Edit the live event you shot for Assignment 23: Real Time into a summary of the event. If they event was an hour, can you make it 20 minutes and still keep all the important stuff in there? What about 10?

Looking Forward: Learn to light.

What to Watch: "Changing Education Paradigms" This is the slightly shortened animated version of a TED presentation by Sir Ken Robinson.

What to Read: "The Princess Bride" The book claims to offer the “good parts” of a much longer tale. Also fascinating is that Goldman reworked his own content for the movie version of his tale... which is significantly different from the text. Great example of fantastic adaptation.

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