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Assignment 23: Real Time

Purpose: To learn how to capture live events as they unfold.

Basis: With a film, you can reshoot the same action over and over again--time permitting--to get the perfect angle and look for that moment. You don’t have those opportunities with live events. You have to get everything you want, plus all the different shots, plus all the material you need for editing, in a continuous stream of an hour or so. This is a powerful skill to master, and necessary if you ever shoot a live event like a wedding, a seminar, or even a news story.

Directions: Get permission to film a live event such as a Sunday morning sermon, a dance recital, a nature walk, a school lecture, etc. It must be an event that has a definite start and end time and something where you can be part of the “audience”... not a participant. Your goal is to get shots of all the important moments, various shot kinds (close up, mid shot, long shot) so you can edit, as well as whatever “pickup” shots you need so you could edit this event to only include the “important” moments.

Looking Forward: You will edit your event next week, so be sure to get all the shots you need.

What to Watch: "Field of View: The Recital" It’s not about technology, it’s about learning how to shoot what’s in front of you. This video is unbelievably spot-on: Don’t just set up your camera and sit back. Get in there and make it fantastic!

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