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Save Time Shooting Where Possible

VGHS Season 2 during one of the many car action scenes, I notice something:

A GoPro taped the hood of the car

Why is it there? They needed a Point of View (POV) shot for the video game's driver perspective. To save time and resources, they got both shots they needed in one take. At least, that's my guess. And how many people noticed the GoPro?

No idea.

But, like the cameraman in the frame of 24, it doesn't matter. I only noticed the camera because I'd had a similar rig for one of my projects and I rewound to make sure I was seeing it right. The rest of the world? They shouldn't care. In fact, FreddieW himself said much the same thing after watching OK Go's This Too Shall Pass.

There are many, many times where it's far better to save time on set than to do something twice if you don't have to.

Shoot fast. Save time, money, sanity. And if someone notices the video camera stuck to the front of your car, if they're having fun with your show, it's not going to bother them in the least.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

P.S. Right after publishing this post, I noticed there's another camera taped to the back. ...and the side.