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Grandfather's Axe and Shorts

I saw one of the best shorts I've seen in a long time last night. It's two minutes of brilliant--if gross--humor and philosophy. Unfortunately, this short was the opening scene to a full length film that failed to deliver on the start. Sad times. Though, this happens often.

For horror fans, there really isn't a better option for discussing Theseus's paradox. So, if you're inclined, check out the embedded video. Not sure how long it will stay up as it is copyrighted material.

 ~Luke Holzmann
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Stubborn Love

This video is brilliantly cut. The shots fit the tone of the piece, The acting/editing pulls you along in both the song and story. I really wish there was a behind the scenes for this because I think we could learn a lot from how they got the performances that they did and how they enhanced them with the editing. This video exemplifies really well the idea that you can have your actor just sit there with a neutral face and change the mood of the piece by cutting to various things.

Editing is powerful. But you need good material to begin with too.

My wife went a huge Lumineers kick after seeing them live at Coachella on YouTube.

 ~Luke Holzmann
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Aside: Overtime

I have a ridiculous amount of sick days!

The new Aside category here will bring you snippets from scripts that catch my ear. It could be anything from a clever line to a powerful insight to a well-communicated moment. In this case, it's communication. This character is afraid of forever being sucked into a world where he only does what others expect of him. This simple line communicates that idea perfectly without coming out and saying it.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor


Creative Action Scenes

My favorite part of action scenes is the creativity employed by the choreographer. That's why I enjoy Jason Statham and Bourne flicks so much. It doesn't matter if it's a fire hose (Transporter 2), a well-kicked table (The Bourne Legacy), or a horribly shot but inventive use of a magazine (The Bourne Supremacy). These kinds of things make me catch my breath with exhilaration.

I had to clap my hand over my mouth when I watched a recent Statham scene where--to get away from the bad guys--he backs into a guy, sending him flipping over the car. Statham calmly buckles in the girl in the passenger seat and proceeds to run into the guy again as he stands up, sending him flying over the vehicle once more.

Statham Car Shot in Safe

Not only is this a creative scene, but the fact that it's a single shot makes the moment more awesome. Also, we get a bit of character development in that he takes time to buckle in his passenger while dodging bullets and taking out the enemy.

Keep your eyes and brain alert to opportunities to do something unique and fun in your productions.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor


You Have Killer Taste

Feeling like the stuff you're making isn't very good? I thought so. It's time for another reminder:

How do you get good at creating stuff? You make a ton of it. You produce something now. You try and try and try again. And as you practice, you'll improve. Don't give up just because what you are making isn't any good right now. That comes with practice. Quitting would be the exact opposite of what you need to be doing.

Don't feel Ira Glass has enough clout? Fine. Here's what FreddieW and Brandon--two of the hottest guys on YouTube--have to say:

Go make something. Now.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor


Image Inspiration: Weary

Continuum Conundrum

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor