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Assignment 28: The Cell in the Shell

Purpose: To build a machinima movie.

Basis: While computers enable us to do all sorts of amazing things, it takes a ton of time to get them to do what we want. Over and over again in Behind the Scenes interviews with CGI animators, you’ll hear them talk about how long their effects shots took them. Even without having to build and control the specific animations, machinima still takes a long time.

Directions: Use screen capture software, hook a camera up to your TV, or use one of the many free animation programs to finish getting all the footage you need for your machinima movie. Then cut the thing together.

Looking Forward: People don’t do things based on facts, they respond to stories. Use your skills in story telling to sell something.

What to Watch: "16 Weeks to Go" in the King Kong Production Diaries. Some computer work is simply painful.

Watch Samples:

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