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Assignment 20: The Sound of Silence

Purpose: To learn the art of Foley and ADR.

Basis: When shooting a scene for a movie, the main focus of the audio team is to capture the actors. The rest of the audio--walking, gun shots, dogs barking, food cooking--is often added in post. The last name of guy who started making these sound effects was Foley... and that’s what it’s called to this day. Sometimes, however, you can’t get good audio of the actors either. To fix this, you have to bring them into the studio and have them dub their own lines over the video. This is the process of ADR, or Automatic Dialog Replacement, which is not at all Automatic in any way.

Directions: Take a short scene from a movie and remove the audio. Then rebuild the entire audio track (dialog, sound effects, clothes rustling, music, etc) from scratch.

Looking Forward: Filmmaking is so much more that entertainment--though it’s great for that as well. Next, you’ll take time to save someone else a little time.

What to Watch: The bit on Fencing in the Behind the Scenes material for The Princess Bride [Rated PG] minute and a half in you’ll get a tiny glimpse into some Foley work they did.

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