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What Titanfall Taught Me About Movie Making

I'm not good at shooters like Titanfall. But I've found I've improved as I play.

The same is true of filmmaking as well. You have to practice to get better. You don't even need formal training (just like video games; though, as in both, a few pointers now and then can certainly help). You need to become familiar with your tools. You need to hone your skills.

So, take a break from your hours of video games this summer and spend a few out shooting some footage. That practice will make you better when it comes time to shoot one of your projects.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor


Have Your Character Break Character

Let's say you want your audience to know that this girl is falling for a guy. Her character is already well-established as more of a tomboy, dressing in a funky wardrobe.

A Little Boyish

All you need to do to show that her feelings are changing is to get her to choose to break out of her normal style. Dress like someone she isn't. Do something she wouldn't do otherwise.

Lip Gloss While Waiting

This will work for guys as well. He normally bum around in shorts and flip flips? Put him in a tie. All you need to do is break character enough to be uncomfortable but excited.

Then, if you want to break your character's happy anticipation, do something to dash all hope. Then have your character undo what was just done...

Wiping Off the Gloss

It certainly wouldn't hurt to have your star give a few death glares now and again either.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor