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Free online film school designed with beginning filmmakers in mind.


Why Pay for a Film Class?

You could absolutely take advantage of my free film school. I offer a complete introduction to movie making in a year-long course. You can watch all the lessons, do all the assignments, and access all the examples for free. It's great. I've had 1,500 students from all over the world -- California to India -- benefit from the free classes. It's one of my favorite accomplishments in life.

But I've also got this Beginning Filmmaking course that costs money.


Why spend $80 where there's a free option?

Three reasons:
  1. You'll get better instruction
  2. You'll learn more
  3. You'll finish the course

  • You're covered 100%
  • You can make money
  • You can apply for a scholarship

I'm ready to learn how to make movies!

1. Better Instruction

Since launching my free film school four years ago, I've learned a few things about teaching video production. I've had the opportunity to mentor a few local filmmakers, teach in classrooms, and connect with hundreds of aspiring filmmakers all over the world. I've also seen what works and what's not as awesome about my free film school. For example, I push storytelling and script development in the very early stages of the free program. I've discovered that doesn't help students. Taking time away from shooting videos causes all of us to lose steam. When we no longer have instant feedback on our videos, we are less likely to continue. Plus, script development is not really needed at these early stages; far better to keep making movies instead.

So I fixed that in this course.

I wrote the Beginning Filmmaking Manual with you in mind. Drawing on my experiences, I've created a hyper-focused program that gets you making movies immediately. More than that, you'll keep making videos throughout the entire process. You'll build on what you learned the lesson before. This is the program for you if you want to learn how to make movies. The free Filmmaking 101 classes provide a grand overview of all of video production. This Beginning Filmmaking course gets you making movies. Period.

The single best way to learn how to make movies is to make a lot of movies. This course does just that. You will progress through eight projects, honing your filmmaking skills each time.

You will also practice things that will make you a better filmmaker today. You don't need to worry about lights and microphones and expensive cameras. You don't. I'll show you why and help you make the most of what you have right now. You can make movies today. There is no need to wait. This course gets you started immediately.

But that's not all. I draw on my decades of video production experience to bring you real examples from my successes and failures. I've included freeze frames from movies I shot as a teenager as well as now as a professional; from these I connect application to your videos. You will see real examples from over two decades of my productions. This isn't theory, this is all based on real movies I've made. And through it all, you'll see exactly how you can make movies yourself.

You will learn what you need to make movies today.

Plain and simple. No distraction. No interruption. No sidetracks. You'll be able to start here and launch your filmmaking journey today.

2. Learn More

This course is worth every penny, and then some. The free classes I offer are more like pep talks. I introduce ideas and show you examples, but the videos are designed to inspire you and then let you go off on your own. The manual in this course, however, is packed with useful information, applicable lessons, and key concepts that will benefit you as a beginning filmmaker. You'll be inspired, encouraged, and empowered to make your short films today.

Practicing on your own is great. You will learn plenty and can become successful as a filmmaker. But if you want to jump start your career and make better movies today, you will absolutely benefit from one-on-one feedback and instruction. That's what you get as part of this course. I will personally review your videos and provide specific, actionable, and useful feedback you can take to your next production. I combine my knowledge as a professional filmmaker and my experience as a video production teacher to give you the notes and insights you need. This is, by far, the most powerful advantage my classroom students enjoy: direct, specific insights based entirely on what they produce. And now I'm giving that same opportunity to you.

Why pay money for an online film course? Because you will learn more, do more, and get more from the experience, and I will personally help you improve your skills. There is no better way to learn how to make movies.

3. Finish

Complete Course
In four years with 1,500 students, guess how many have completed my free Filmmaking 101 course?

Seriously. Guess.

Close to 1,000?
Maybe 100?
At least 10?


Two of them used projects they'd already shot for a few of the lessons. So, in reality, I've had just one student make it through the entire course.

That could be depressing. But students drop out not because my course is too hard or poorly made. The data show that, on average, fewer than 10% of MOOC students complete free online courses. Years ago, when these free online classes first hit the market, I signed up for one offered by MIT. It was a very fascinating subject that I was mildly interested in learning about. But then the course started and there were deadlines and projects and a ton of prerequisites and I never started.

Similar things happen with my free classes. You actually have to make projects and work hard. Hundreds of students have completed the first assignment. Half of those go on to the second. Only a handful make it to the third (though many people stick through to the end of the course, learning things just be reading and watching).

This course is designed to fix that problem.

If you're willing to invest $80 into your film training, you're serious about making movies.

This course is also much shorter. Instead of an entire 36-week long course -- that will likely take longer -- you'll learn everything in a manageable eight projects. And these are fun projects, too. You'll make eight short films. Complete this course and you'll be well on your way to mastering beginning filmmaking.

Are you ready to start making movies?

Buy the Beginning Filmmaking course.

What's included in Beginning Filmmaking?

You will receive:
  1. The Beginning Filmmaking Manual
  2. A Feedback Pack for your 8 projects
  3. Upon completion, a signed diploma


Beginning Filmmaking Manaul

The digital edition of the Beginning Filmmaking Manual takes you from uploading your first video to mastering the basics of making movies. You will gain confidence, encouragement, and real-world experience through the completely do-able projects following each section.

You will...
  • Learn the three rules of filmmaking
  • Shoot a half-dozen or more projects
  • Understand the technology you need
  • Master the basics of...
    1. Lighthing
    2. Audio recording
    3. Camera motion
    4. Storytelling
    5. Directing
    6. Writing
  • and much more

Filled with examples from his own films over the last three decades, Luke Holzmann shares the lessons he's learned as both a filmmaker and a teacher. He has four years of experience reaching 1,500 students worldwide with his online film school. Drawing on these experiences, and the things he's learned while teaching students in the classroom, he has assembled a clear, practical, and encouraging manual.

This isn't a booklet to be read for the sake of theory. Quiet the opposite. This manual introduces concepts you'll immediately relate to and practice yourself.

Are you ready to being your journey toward mastering moving making?

This is the manual for you.

Get started today.

Feedback Pack

Turn your manual into a course

The Beginning Filmmaking Manual is awesome, but this bundle turns it into a complete high school level course (that totally works even if you're in middle school). You get personalized feedback on each project you turn in. Make your dreams a reality today.

  • 8 feedback credits (2 BONUS)
  • save an additional 20%
  • your own personalized course

Think about this for just a moment: I'm giving you the Beginning Filmmaking Manual PLUS 8 feedback credits. The credits alone are well worth $10 a piece. And you're getting much more that that.

But it isn't just the stuff you get. What really counts is what you'll learn and all the skills you'll be able to use. That makes this course one of the best investments you'll ever make.


Depending on the time and effort you put into this program, you could earn homeschool high school credits. Or, if you attend a traditional/private school, this would be an excellent preparatory class before a media production elective. No matter how you choose to use your experience, upon completion of the eight projects, I will send you a signed diploma stating that you have completed the Beginning Filmmaking course. There will be a place for a witness' signature (can be signed by either a parent or a teacher).

I'm ready to get started!

100% Guarantee

You're going to love this course. You're going to find that it helps your productions be awesome. You will learn a ton. I guarantee it.

If, after trying the projects, you discover this isn't the course for you, just send me an email: [email protected]

Tell me what project you quit on, what's not working for you, and why it's not worth what you paid for it.

I'll send you back your money.

Plain and simple.

Make money through the sharing program

Once you've tried this course, you're going to love it (or you'll take advantage of the guarantee I just told you about).

So you love this thing and want to share it with your friends. Awesome! That's so awesome, I want to be able to thank you for doing so. Sharing awesome stuff is one of the best things you can do in life. Here's how the sharing program works:

  1. Tell your friends about this course
  2. If they buy the course, have them email me your name and email address
  3. I'll verify you and their purchase and send you $20 (25% of the money)

Simple, eh?

Why spend $80 on a film course? Because if you love it -- and I have a money-back guarantee that you will -- you'll want to tell your friends. And if four of them sign up, they've paid for your tuition.


Camera Issues
Is $80 out of your reach? Too young to have a job? Parents who both work just to pay the bills?

Yes, I have a scholarship opportunity for you. Yes, you can get this course at a discounted rate or even free. Yes, I want you to be able to learn how to make movies.

No, I'm not doing this to try to make tons of money.

If you cannot swing the $80, here's what you can do to apply for a course scholarship:
  1. Email [email protected]
    • Explain why you want to take this course
    • Tell me how much you are able to pay (even if that's $0)
  2. If approved, I'll email you back with details of how to claim your scholarship
  3. Once you complete the course, I will ask you to write a review of your experience to use for marketing purposes


Let's review. For a mere $14 a project, you get:
  • a video production manual loaded with relevant instruction that will kick start your career
  • direct, personal feedback from a professional filmmaker who knows exactly what it's like to make movies as a beginner
  • a chance to build your skill set by actually making short films
  • a diploma when you finish the course
  • confidence that you can make movies ... today
  • all of this backed by a 100% guarantee
  • with an opportunity to make money just by telling your friends about something you love

In film school, I paid more than $80 for a single little book that I used for one assignment (and that assignment was to fill out a quiz, not shoot a video). That was terrible, and the bookstore wouldn't take it back. This course is the opposite of that. Like, 180° different. Useful, practical, important, and if you get it and realize you're already way beyond what I share, I'll give you back your money... and you get to keep the manual.

I'm so confident that this course will inspire you, encourage you, and transform your movies that I'm even willing to give the thing away if that's what it takes to get you to try it out.

What I ask is this:

Prove you're up for the challenge. Prove you want to learn how to make movies. Decide, today, that you're ready to get started. Mow a few lawns or babysit a few kids to get the money. Do what you need to do to make your dream a reality. And if you work that hard to get this course, you'll take Hollywood by storm. Video production isn't easy, but it can be a ton of fun! Ready to get started?

Get your copy of the Beginning Filmmaking course now.

Here's to your success.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor