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Assignment 29: Selling Out

Purpose: To learn to tell a very short story yet still keep things interesting and complete.

Basis: Some of the best stories are found within the few seconds of a commercial. Commercials also often contain great comedy, visual appeal, and/or strong emotional ties. The goal of these things is to get you to act, so they have to be compelling.

Directions: Make a :15, :30, :45, or 1 minute long commercial. Feel free to use whatever products or brands you like. Normally, trademarks and company names are tightly controlled; however, there is leeway for aspiring filmmakers to produce "spec commercials" to show off what they can do for a brand or company. Make your commercial as funny, moving, or visually striking as you feel appropriate.

Looking Forward: Next you're going to create some eye-popping special effects. Or, at least, some modestly cool visuals.

What to Watch: "Parisian Love" An amazing commercial made without a video camera that still tells an entire love story. What can you do with the tools you have?

Watch Samples:

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