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Assignment 18: Keep It Interesting

Purpose: To craft a documentary story from footage you have.

Basis: Documentaries are powerful films. They are also easily biased and too often rather untrue. The skill of “tellin’ it like it is,” convincing your audience to care and then act, all while maintaining a firm grasp of reality may be too tall an order for most people. But for now, the important thing to learn is how to use someone else’s words to tell a story.

Directions: Use your Assignment 17: Talk to the Camera footage and rustle up whatever other images and sound bytes you can to write a compelling--albeit extremely short--documentary on the subject your subject discussed.

Looking Forward: Start editing when you’ve figured out how you’re going to tell the story in your documentary... you’ll finish this next week.

What to Watch:Rock and Roll Animator, Christen Bach” A solid short documentary that encourages simple and collaborative filmmaking. Notice the places where it drags and jumps around a bit.

Watch Samples: Go to Assignment 19 to see the finished videos.


Debbie Henkel said...

Karianne's assignment 19 is uploaded to youtube, the Life of a Dancing Family.

Debbie Henkel said... this might work better for Karianne

Debbie Henkel said...

Assignment 18 not 19