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Which Came First?

The Chicken, the Egg, or the Child?

I wrote up a quick script idea for a commercial comparing the client and the competition to eggs.

Overall, I've had pretty good feedback about the idea of the little commercial, but people keep getting confused.

See, it's a simile and a metaphor. And combining two things like that is rather difficult to do, especially if you want your audience to keep up with you. So people kept asking me: Wait, so are the kids the chicken or the egg?

"Neither," I would reply. "The kid is the one who's going to eat the egg."

"Oohhh..." Total blank look. 'This man is insane!'

Two lessons:

1. Keep your ideas simple. Mixing similes with metaphors is like a straw lion leading your army.



2. Even if you totally get your idea, that doesn't mean other people will. Thus, it is important to pass your script around to people and get feedback about what is and isn't working, and what people think you movie is going to be about.

"Wait, what if the video is about how the kid is the chicken who's trying to produce a good egg..."

I have my work cut out for me.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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