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I Had an Edit Bay

...but I don't anymore.

In preparation for the kids, we have moved the upstairs office to the basement. Well, truth be told, we're still moving.

But for the past few years I've had the basement mostly to myself. I have my own little sanctuary where I can disappear for hours and not be bothered. I can edit, or write, or photoshop, or watch movies.

But I can't anymore.

My edit bay has become the new computer room. I am no longer alone. I am no longer able to just start watching a DVD or editing a movie. I first have to make sure I'm not going to disturb anyone (e.g. my wife).

And for someone who likes time alone, time to just "be", this is likely going to be a difficult transition. And it will be difficult to get things done, me thinks.

Of course, with kids, I doubt I will ever find time to be alone.

They'd better be cute.

That's all I'm saying.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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