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Our Work Looks the Same

I was sifting through footage shot by another person today. A rather surreal experience.

I mean, I've cut footage from other people's projects before, but you have no connection to their footage because it's all new.

But this was footage that covered some of the same material I've worked with in the past. And so, it was rather odd to see someone else shooting the same shots I've taken at another time.

And it took me back to that day in the edit bay where we were watching our various cuts of the same show in college. There were some shots that ended up in every single cut, demonstrating that there really is the "best" shot in something as subjective as editing.

But here it was on the other side of production: It seems that there are some shots that cameramen are just going to take. They are just the best shot possible for the subject matter.

It was odd, but reassuring in another sense: I guess I'm getting good footage if another professional out there is shooting the same thing.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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