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2 Minutes and Nothing

I was copying files from one hard drive system to another last night. It had been chugging away from about an hour when suddenly the drive I was copying to suddenly went offline.

My computer popped up a message telling me that I shouldn't have disconnected the drive.

I calmly (ha!) told my computer that I had done no such thing.

Figuring that it may have been due to the system overheating (it has been hot here of late), I turned off the drives and let them sit for a couple of hours. Then I tried again.

Everything was going smoothly. Files were copying.

The time said I had only about 2 minutes left.

So Close

It did it again (that's how I got the above image).


The joys of working with technology.

So, yes, problems happen to everyone. Are you prepared for what will happen if your system takes a nose dive?

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor


Anonymous said...

Lost 4 years of video projects back in January... I now am backed up fully online at (about $5 per month and it has already come in handy), have 1TB of internal memory, a 150gb LaCie, a 500gb Maxtor, and two 750gb LaCies that I haven't even unwrapped yet until we begin production on our feature (backing up off the internal drive and duplicating it across the drives overnight in case 2 of the 3 blow).

Paranoid? Yeah.

Luke Holzmann said...

That sounds like a pretty solid backup system. Awesome.

Losing data is terrible.

Thanks for the Mozy tip.