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"Those Things Are Bad for You"

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So I just finished watching "A Scanner Darkly". Interesting flick, but you might as well watch the trailer for the style and then read the synopsis on Wikipedia.

Unless you're a whole lot more intuitive than me, you'll be doing that after the film anyway.

Very interesting style. Seems like they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble and time in post if they had simply used Illustrator, but... they didn't ask me.

The thing to take away from this little excursion into the world of media production is this: If you make a piece about a subculture or experience, it is really hard to have people follow you. Great filmmakers can take us there, but anything less than a near perfect story, and the audience will be left wondering, 'Did I get that movie?'

Story over style, my friends ...especially if you're trying to break new ground stylistically.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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