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What I Learned in Photoshop Today


I was working on an image for another blog post today and I started to draw a stick figure. He looked wrong. Kinda blurry.

'What?' I thought to myself. 'Why is it doing that?'

I was on a computer I hadn't done any quick sketches on before, so I really wasn't sure what setting it was. I finally found it by clicking on the Brush Tool's Size drop-down menu thingy (technically the "Brush Preset Picker").

After dragging the Hardness from 0% up to 100%, I got a much less blurry looking dude.

Much better.

So, that's what I learned in Photoshop today. I know I've played with that setting before, but now it's cemented in my brain.

...and if not, I can always come back to this post for a quick reminder. <smile>

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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