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Posting Media

A very sobering and technically cleaver movie.

Think Before You Post

This brings up the caution about what you post where. And this is something that we, as media producers, need to be very keenly aware of. We need to make sure we get permission to post information or images of others, and we should be careful about what we post about ourselves.

But this video works for a few simple reasons:

1. They got a pretty girl.

If the girl hadn't been cute, no one would have cared. This demonstrates the truth that your actors must fit their roles. If they don't look or sound right, your film won't fly.

2. They use a simple but powerful image/sound combination.

The picture reappearing is more than just a cool special effect. It is part of the "story" of the piece. We recognize the mouse click. We see the image "duplicate" and understand that it is a visual representation of copying a digital file. It works.

What's more, the effect was really easy to pull off.

My one critique is that they fade to black... a lot. It's not annoying the first time through, but it starts to feel more and more unnecessary.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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