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Um And I'll Be'le

While editing an audio clip today, I ran across this:

Um And I'll Be'le

I listened to it again. (It's better looping, so I took the liberty to do that for you.)


In context, I'm pretty sure he was saying, "Umm... and I will be able to" but, in typical speaking fashion, truncated it.

Just thought it was so cool, I had to post it.

Oh, and a lesson? You want a lesson from me too?


Okay, fine. The lesson is this: If you're working in audio, you may come across something that is unintelligible. If you can cut around it--great. If not, however, chances are your audience will be able to figure it out. Language has a lot to do with context.

Which brings up the second lesson (yup, you're getting two): Having a visual that helps explain what your character is talking about can make something that was once too garbled suddenly make sense. Lips are often the best for this.

In a way, we have all become good lip readers over our years of talking with people.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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