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User Manuals

We've been cleaning around my house, so I've been going through papers. I found the "manual" (it's really nothing more than a single sheet of paper) for the wide angle lens I have for my Canon GL2. As I glanced at it, I noticed the following entry:

"...a soft listless cloth"

Granted, I understand that typos happen, but sometimes they warrant a smile. So, if you ever need to clean your camera's lens, be sure to use a listless cloth.

While on the topic of Manuals, I highly recommend that you at least flip through the manual of any camera you own. I tend to learn a couple things that improve my image or sound quality when I do.

The last lesson we can take away from this little incident is thus: To err is human. Your productions will likely be flawed in some way, shape, or form. It happens to everyone, it's just often harder to see the flaws in others works. Let it go.

It is difficult to find the balance of "good enough", but as I've heard many people say, "You could tweak it forever." But even if you spend forever on something, it still wouldn't be perfect. Back in Film School I had an audio assignment which I spent a few hours on. One of my classmates asked how it was going. I told him that I had spent a couple of hours on it and was satisfied. He was shocked.

"I've spent over 40 hours on it, and I'm still not done!"

I got a B+. I don't know what he got on the assignment. Practice letting things go. Strive for perfection, but stop at "good enough".

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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