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Indie Fever in Need of Editing

There seems to be a lot of "link love" for the Indie Fever PSA, so I'll add my own to it. Feel free to watch it. I gave it about three minutes.

Indie Fever PSA

But it was longer than three minutes.

The important thing to remember about Shorts is that they should be short. Movie Trailers are excellent examples of keeping things short. Many of them aren't very good, but they are short.

Will filmmakers go ga-ga over the PSA? It seems that they already have. But much like a bride's wedding video, it's love because of what it is, not because of the quality. It's a short about shorts made by people who make shorts, and loved by people who make shorts. Fair enough, but it is in need of editing.

The PSA should have been cut down. True, that would have meant that someone's baby had to be killed, but learning how to kill your babies is a very important lesson to learn as a director and editor. Most of the student films I saw at a recent festival suffered from this same problem.

So, in closing, remember: Kill 'em. And keep it short.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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