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Compressing and Compressor

Granted, I don't read Adobe's Forums (to be honest, they are too ugly and completely un-usable from what I can tell) so I don't hear about all the problems that users are certainly facing over there, but I've never really experienced any problems with my Adobe software (to be fair, I haven't edited in Premiere since 6.5 and two days with Pro 1.5 while at Toshiba). But I do read posts from people working in media. And it isn't very Apple supportive. The latest I ran into today was about Compressor over at the Studio Daily Blog.

I love Compressor (though I'm still way back in version 2). It's awesome. But, yes, it's absolutely infuriating when it just doesn't work (as with all software, except this is much more than a web-browser, and if it goes down I can't release my media... which is bad).

I am very thankful that I have not had Compressor give me much trouble in my life. I don't touch it (i.e. update it), so it keeps working merrily away. May that continue.

Compressing is a subject that I've read about a little. It's fascinating and mostly over my head. But thanks to the kindness of others, I have been able to get some pretty good looking results on YouTube.

The follow video that I helped Nathan Riguad make, looks great (he now knows that the titles were a terrible idea). What's more impressive is that this was pulled off an SD DVD and then re-encoded for YouTube.

Life In A Box

All that to say: I hope Compressor keeps working for me, and that Apple gets with the program for everyone else.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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