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The Day Draws Nigh

It's getting close to 24 hours till the 24 Hour Video Contest. Today I met our actress, ordered our flowers, recorded a music piece, and secured our last location (my parent's house). So, yes, the shop location that I said was probably only a 25% chance let us in! Awesome! (I think the fact that I offered insurance coverage helped.)

Our actress who is totally new to acting, asked why we hadn't produced more films that were longer than 10 minutes. What held us back? Was it time, money, people?

Yes, to all three.

For example, while this is a 24 hour project, we've probably spent at least 24 hours prepping for it already. Movies, even shorts, take time. A lot of time. The final video has to be 3 minutes or less. We will also be shooting for around 10 hours with 8 people or more people on set. Feeding people costs money, props (like flowers) cost money, and there are a dozen little things (like tapes and tape) that cost money too. All that without paying anyone for their time or their stuff.

Media is awesome. It can also eat up your life.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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