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"All About Girls", YouTube, and DJTV

For those of you who haven't been to the Forums yet, and so don't know about DJTV (Digital Juice Television), you've been missing out. On the Tech Know "You Too Can YouTube" episode, I learned why I was able to upload video files that were larger than 100MB. I am a "Director", meaning I only upload my own stuff and so YouTube isn't as worried that I'll upload TV shows or Movies.

It also seems, though I haven't tested this enough to say it's a fact, that it is way faster to upload videos at 6am, like I did this morning. This makes sense. If you're not trying to do things at "peak times", servers can devote more attention to you. So I was able to get "All About Girls" up in under and hour, whereas "Little Black Rain Cloud" took several hours at 3pm despite being a smaller file.

If you haven't seen our 48 Hour Film Project from 2006, give it a look:

Eventually I may get around to actually discussing the videos I've made: the good, bad, the ugly, and the lessons I learned, but not now. For the time being, check out DJTV, hop over to the Forums, and get busy making your own little flicks.

~Luke Holzmann
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