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ELR and Better Movies

My wife really likes listening to "Extra Life Radio" (ELR), and often goes through what she calls "Scott Johnson Withdrawals" (thankfully she can also catch him on "The Instance"). I really like the show to.

[NB: If you decide to listen to the show, it would have about a PG rating due to mild profanity and crude humor]

The most recent ELR show had an absolutely brilliant observation from about 49:30-51:30 (the most insightful 2 minutes of the show). In it, Randy says that movies today are better than they were in the past. Scott picks up on this and points out that, while he loves Star Wars today, he'd probably think less of them if he had seen them when he was 40 instead of 8. What about the latest "Star Wars" flicks? He's not impressed (nor am I), but his 7 year-old loves them. This also has to do with a discussion of nostalgia, but it'd be better if you just went and listened to it.

But this an interesting thing to consider as we move forward in movie making: We should be getting better. As Newton has noted: We stand on the shoulders of giants. We should be making better films than before because we can learn from the old masters.

This is not to say that there are no great movies in the past. There are. But we, today, should be surpassing even them. A sobering thing to consider as a filmmaker.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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