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Sick and Tired

Literally. I'm sick and I'm tired.

That makes it harder to focus on editing, especially when it's more routine cutting.

And when you're just assembling an edit, there isn't much to talk about. ...That's not entirely true. I have been finding many moments where it felt like the sequence just wouldn't come together.

Since much of what we shoot for MathTacular is ad lib, the action and lines aren't consistent between takes. This means that the end of one take would get to, "So that's how I feel about blogging" and the next take would begin with, "My feelings about blogging pretty much amount to that." If it so happens that a cut is required there, some "Jedi" talents are often required.

One such cut loomed before me today. Once I found the footage that I had to use (the other takes had inches instead of centimeters as the units), I had to cut from a wide shot with a sentence one way to a close up of a different sentence. I'm always amazed when, with just the right head position, two completely different sentences can looked synced.

I had to use the audio from the close up on the wide shot. It was out of sync, but worked.

So, the tip of today is this: If you get stuck, try a cut that appears to have no way of working. You make be surprised.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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