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DVD Design

I got a cool new DVD for Christmas.

It's a very new DVD complete with several nice DVD features... and at least one very, very, very annoying one. See, when I pop in a DVD, I don't really feel a need to read (or wait through) the FBI Warnings, the copyright reminders, and the distributor's animated logo bit. But sometimes someone, somewhere, feels the need to take away my power skip these little reminders.

So, I popped in the DVD and pressed the "Skip Forward" button and got a:

Not Permitted

I was forced to wait for well over a minute before the DVD gave me control over my viewing experience.

That is bad.

Very, very, very bad DVD design.

Give your viewer control.

Thank you.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor


Nathan said...

If you think it's bad you can't control your DVD from your DVD player, just talk to software development companies who have DVD play-ability. We've actually had to program _around_ dvd "Prohibited User oPerations" (PUPs) which prevented our users from selecting and showing a clip of a dvd without the FBI warning. The crazy part is that the PUPs are actually enforced by the operating systems. If you ever really get too annoyed, check out DVD Shrink 3.2. (Unfortunately, there are even DVDs which DVD Shrink can't 'fix.')

Luke Holzmann said...


It's more frustrating--and a suggestion that people include full access to the DVD--than anything else. It bugs me when DVD makers take away my options <smile>.

DVD Shrink works well. When I'm on a Mac I use MactheRipper for those needs. It's normally much faster to just wait the 30 seconds than to rip and play the DVD, but that is an option <smile>.