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Getting "Cool" Shots

I had the opportunity to help out (and provide the green screen for) a "cool" shoot today.

The object was to grab a single shot that involved a pretty girl, a lot of makeup, and a green screen. Cool, eh? What was more: I got to direct the girl's motion so she would be as fluid and nice looking as possible.

The makeup work took much longer than anticipated, even though we had dyed the girl's hair the day before. There was just a lot to do.

Applying Makeup

At one point while shooting the breaker switch for the green screen tripped and so those lights went out. We were left with a fairly black background, so we shot a few takes with the black too.

Black Background

All in all, I'd say we had a really successful shoot, though we won't know for sure until everything is composited together. I wish I had the footage so I could grab a few stills that dramatically demonstrated how incredible our actress looked with her red hair against the green screen and her blue eyes shining. It was impressive.

The lesson besides the need to plan lots of time for hair and makeup?

If you've got a girl who looks this good:


You'll have people who want to take her picture:

Paparazzi or Photographers?

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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