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Gifts and Thank-Yous

Merry (day after) Christmas!

I am finally back to regular blogging. It's felt like forever and I'm very happy that life is--hopefully--going to settle back into some form of normalcy (at least until my next major trip which will hopefully be soon).

One of my gifts was a year's subscription to Reader's Digest. That's pretty cool, but has very little to do with media. ...except for the card that came with my first copy. Here's a scan of the front and back:

Reader's Digest: The Gift of Reading

That's right: With my first copy there was a Thank-You card ready for me to fill out and mail to my gracious gift-giver.

When have you ever had a gift given to you that came with a Thank-You card just waiting for you to send on to the person who gave it to you? It has never happened to me before.

This is an excellent example of how we as media producers can think about those who will be using, giving, and receiving our materials. And making our end users feel special, important, or even merely considered will often be more important than the media you produce.

Life isn't about text, clips, or images. Life is about people.

I hope you had a pleasant time with the people in your life, and that as you get back to more "normal" life you keep your people close to you.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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