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Dude, IMDb Talks to Me

So, after yesterday's rant, I got a comment from the founder and managing director of IMDb himself!

I did not expect that in the least, and it was a very pleasant surprise <smile>.

Granted, I get Google Alerts for certain things so I can keep a pulse on what people are saying about those topics as well. And, honestly, if you have a vested interest in something, it's a good idea to create an alert for that. It's good to be on top of what's being said.

So, lesson 1: Keep tabs on things important to you.

But lesson 2 is far more important, and is why you should follow through with lesson 1: Respond graciously and helpfully to everyone. If they sing your praises, thank them. If they bash you, provide helpful information, assistance, or apologies to make it better.

And that's exactly what Col Needham did for me.

Excellent example.

I now more fully understand why I can't just add an image to my own bio. And that's okay. It would still be nice to add things to my own account for free though... <smile>

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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