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Times Have Changed in 3.5 Years

I got to visit my Alma Matter last night. It was odd to walk the campus and see how the familiar things had changed.

And we started talking about how technology has changed in the less than 4 years since we were in college:

  • There was no YouTube
    (in fact, Facebook and Blogger were just starting)
  • Instant Messaging was cool
    (we spent a lot of time chatting with friends in IM)
  • Cell phones were not ubiquitous
    (I used a calling card and room phone to call home)
  • JumpDrives were just coming out
    (my best friend and I bought each other a 34MB JumpDrive for Chistmas one year... they cost $40 a piece)
  • DVDs were just ramping up
    (one of my classmates did a presentation on why DVDs were better than VHS... and he had already collected all 200 DVDs that were out)
  • Burning DVDs became possible
    (you had to turn off everything--even the clock--restart the computer, and pray... all to burn a maximum of 30 minutes onto a DVD... that was Sophomore year)
  • Digital Cameras were a whopping 1.3 megapixels and saved to flopping disks
    (and those cameras were several hundred dollars)
  • .mp3s were new
    (digital music was a novelty, and iTunes didn't exist)
  • HD was not a buzzword
    (and we watched as the world changed from Zipdrives to P2)
  • I was editing on Premiere 6.0
    (and later moved to Final Cut 4)

Where we will be in another four years?

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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