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We Get the Point

I got to see Twilight today. And I enjoyed it. Of course, if you didn't, feel free to pop by Rotten Tomatoes for some Twilight fodder.

Now, I know I've seen Kristen around, but I didn't realize she was the actress in this movie. And can you blame me?

Kristen Comparison

I mean, in the poster image she is this warm, cute looking girl with a soft jawline. But in the film, and in many other photos, she's washed out and has a rather angular jaw. The major connection between the two images above is her mildly stoned look. <smile>

But it wasn't Kristen that bothered me in Twilight. What got to me was the number of times the camera would pan away from a scene (a typically good move to ease the audience into the next moment), hold for a while on trees (or something), and then: WHAM! we cut back to the same scene. For instance:

Hey look: They're in a tree. [pan away to forest shot]
[Cut back] No, really, they're in a tree.
[Cut to another shot, farther away now] Look, they are actually in a tree.
[Helicopter shot] Yep, those two kids are really, honestly, for real, in a tree.

Wait? So, I'm confused now... they're where again?

Lesson from Twilight: If you pan away from a moment cut to the next part of your story. We get the point.

In other news, I saw a movie with Camilla Belle when she was younger and at one moment she totally raised one eyebrow in a totally fantastic way.

Young Camilla

And she's going to be in another movie coming up. Hopefully it's better than the one that put her in a rather hideous greenish-blue dress type thingy.


So, yeah, despite how likely we are to get another cheesy flick, I'm pretty excited to see another Camilla Belle movie.

But you already knew that.

You got the point.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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