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Pre-Production Props

When I first started making movies with a home camera and no editing software, my movies consisted of what I had around the house.

They also tended to be boring or only funny to me.

...much like a lot of YouTube content.

But over the years as I've worked on more and more important material, I've had to wrestle through pre-production and post-production a lot more. I've had to consider message, audience, quality, pacing and the like.

I've also had to start looking for props.

And that can be a killer. I'm shooting a two minute piece tomorrow with a single actress in a kitchen. She's going to cut an apple, pull a pie from the oven, and eat it. That's the gist of the piece.

So, I've got two lighting setups to do and I need to find the following (which I scribbled down while glancing through my script):

Apple Core Props


I think we tend to forget just how many little things we need to make a movie. One more reason why pre-production is so important.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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