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Wait to Eat

You will find that as you shoot live events you will eat late, last, or perhaps not at all. Generally, the clients with whom I have worked have been very accommodating and conscientious about feeding me... but I'm usually shooting something while others are eating.

This happened again today. While others ate, the speaker decided to get going, so I filmed his presentation while my food got cold.

I'm not complaining at all. I'm merely stating the facts.

And I'm stating them because, as you shoot live events, you need to be prepared. If you get low blood sugar levels that cause you problems, bring something quick and easy to munch on. If you need energy, eat before the event. And smile graciously if called upon do film instead of eat.

The really nice people will apologize for making you shoot during the meal. It's nice, and I always thank them for their concern, but I'm not surprised. I'm used to it, and mentally prepared.

Make sure you are as well.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor


-)_-. said...
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-)_-. said...

This can also be true on set. Often times if you fall behind its very important to push through the setup before breaking to eat. Mostly this is because the pace needs to be kept because once you stop its hard to get going again.

Its good to be prepared with something you can eat quickly while working, or eat before. Good post, it presented an Idea that isn't talked about much but comes up frequently.


Luke Holzmann said...

Glad you liked it!