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Recent Shoots

Just a few stills from a couple of the recent shoots I've been on.

I got to be an insane extra while also acting as the 1st Assistant Director for this shoot.

I'm on the far right

Then I got to shoot on the roof of my church. That was pretty cool, though not the first time I'd been on top of a building for a shoot.

On the Roof

For this last shot everything had a really nice warm glow, but there were windows in the background which showed up blue. I couldn't get them out of frame and wished I had some color balancing material to put over the window. In the end, we just left it and the video turned out great anyway. The only people who would be bothered would be DP snobs <smile>.

Mixed Light

In the end, you use what you have, be it extras, locations, or light. If you wait for everything to be "just right," you'll never make a movie. So, get up and start making stuff with what you have.

~Luke Holzmann
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