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Post Begins... Again

We have one more half day of filming tomorrow, but today we didn't have to shoot anything. That meant I could go in and edit a bit.

It's been a few weeks since I was actually editing anything for MathTacular, so it was a little hard on the re-entry. Even though I have everything carefully arranged and sorted, I still have to search for a little while to find what I'm looking for in the midst of over two thousand files. And I just keep adding more as we go along.

So, while we've been pushing really hard to get production done for MathTacular4, now that we're almost done filming, it's time to go back and finish up MathTacular2 and MathTacular3. It has been a long haul that began last summer with shooting MathTacular2 which was then split into two DVDs in post. This meant that while we were shooting MathTacular4 we also had to shoot a few more activities for 2&3 to make it all work.

So I spent this morning "Logging", but gone are the days when I would have to start and stop the tape to capture each bit I wanted one at a time. Nowadays I simply capture the whole tape and then cut it up into the pieces I want to keep and tell the computer to get rid of the rest. It's awesome! Tedious still, but so much better than before.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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