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PC MPEG Streamclip and DAZ

First, a quick update for you MathTacular fans. I had our web guy fix the broken "Buy" link which went down when the company through which we were selling MathTacular changed. (Thanks to Jason for letting me know about that issue)

We have one more scene to shoot for MathTacular4... and I'm excited about it, but we're not going to be shooting it for a while to give us time to finish up MathTacular2&3. I hope to get those to the replication house by the end of this month so I can begin to cut MathTacular4.

I'm also working through a cool tutorial for DAZ Studio. I've never been good at 3D stuff, but this is really interesting. If I ever make a cool looking character, I'll post some pictures. Right now I'm just playing with it and learning how it works. If you've ever been interested in 3D animation, check out DAZ... it's free (scroll down for the DAZ download).

And last, but not least, and the first item of this post's title: MPEG Streamclip for the PC. I've been using Streamclip in my Mac edit bay for years now, but I had never really had the opportunity to try it out on a PC because my $700 PC editing machine died after I cut a 45 minute documentary on it in college. So yesterday one of "my kids" (a mentee of mine) came by with a problem. He needed to compile a group of clips from different DVDs that people had made with them talking. Granted, it would have been better to go straight from tapes, but we did not have that option (ah, the joys of working with amateurs). So, it was time for MPEG Streamclip.

On my recommendation he had purchased a very nice Dell and the Adobe Production Bundle. However, when we installed Streamclip it didn't work. So, last night I followed the directions and removed QuickTime, installed QuickTime Alternative, and got Streamclip up and running. Now, I don't have his software, so it will take more testing to see how well this works for a PC, but the program does work, and it only takes 10 minutes (assuming you've got fast internet) to get it up and running. And I can still watch trailers online.


~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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