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Cold, Powerless, but Good

When we first stepped out of the car when we got to our location this morning a freezing gust of wind greeted me and I thought, 'Oh no! This is going to be terrible!' Even with all my snow gear, it was cold. We also learned that we didn't have power (good thing I charged the batteries before we got there). Two strikes against us.

We took a thermometer just for the fun of it:

However, by the time we got set up, the wind had stopped. That was really a very good thing because without power for my microphones I had to use the "on board" mic built into my camera (not good). Only a few times did the wind cause problems for my camera... the highway just down the hill didn't do much to improve the audio, but that will have to wait until post to see what I will need to do.

Knowing that today's shoot was going to be in adverse conditions, our actors spent four hours yesterday memorizing their lines. This meant that what typically takes us 7 or 8 hours only took two and a half because we didn't have to stop for them to go over their scripts. Awesome!

Brittany happy with our progress:

It's actually a little unnerving for me when we shoot that quickly. I feel like we are more prone to miss something because we just walked in, shot the scene, and walked out. Truthfully, however, we didn't get any less coverage than we have when we shoot a scene for 10 hours, but it just feels worse. The fact that the audio was less than ideal didn't help things either.

How did everything turn out?

I won't know until I get to that point in editing.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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