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On Cookies

My wife made me move some of my video stuff out of the living room, which I should have done a week ago. One of the items that I had to move was a Cookie: A really high-tech lighting tool made from a piece of cardboard with scissors.

A Cookie In Action

What incredible tool that can pull of such stunning shots is used in this lighting setup? Let me show you:

One Light and a Cookie

For all the expense that goes into equipment, filmmaking often employs the cheapest little tools that change a production from a home movie into a motion picture.

So, don't throw out that box. Move it out of the living room and keep it under your bed for your next production. ...Just don't forget it's there.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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-)_-. said...

Good pictures for this post. It really helps us understand what you are talking about and show off the easyness of the effect!