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Save Those Layers

I needed to change some title cards for MathTacular4 today. I had black text on white (rather boring), and so I needed to add a cool looking background to add some interest. Thankfully I had had the foresight to save the title cards in layered .psd files rather than flat .pngs.

The lesson? Always keep copies of your images in layers. That way, if you need too add or subtract something later, you can without rebuilding your entire graphic.

Keep Those Layers

I could have easily flattened the above image, but then I wouldn't have been able to add in a cool background.

Adding Background Elements with Layers

But had I saved the image flattened like that, I would not have been able to go in and adjust the cloud layer after I decided it was too dark and made the text difficult to read. So, even if you think you've fixed the image, still keep a layered version around in case you need/want to tweak something later.

The Versatility of Layered Images

I certainly flatten images to bring them into my NLE, but I keep a copy with the layers just in case.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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