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When Help Isn't Helpful...

I've been trying to leave comments on the other entries into the 24 Hour Video contest, but YouTube isn't letting me (I've tried on a PC, Mac, Firefox and Safari). Ugh. I really get frustrated by that.

So, I pop over to YouTube Help and read the following:

If you... see the grayed out "Post Comment" button, this means your comment hasn't been posted. You may want to try posting your comment again using variations of the original comment. Also, make sure you don't add any special characters, URLs, or HTML tags to your comment text. Finally, make sure the comment text is within our 500 character limit.

What do you do when you try reposting, editing the text, don't use any HTML, and keep your comment less than 500 characters?

They don't say.

Perhaps it doesn't like something I've written, but I can't tell. And so I can't comment. Which is sad to me for three reasons:

1. I want people to know that their videos have been watched and thought about.
2. I want to help these filmmakers make better videos in the future.
3. I want to get more visitors to so they can get help in media production.

Sad times.

I guess I'll wait

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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