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Wii Music Videos

We're out in California this weekend visiting my Alma Mater and my wife's folks. Which is why I'll likely miss a post this week. Sorry friends!

Last night we gathered around the Wii to play Wii Music.

One of the features of the game is a music video generator. You play through the song--a couple times if you want to layer more of you in--and then you can watch the video of your performance. These videos come complete with flyover shots of the crowd, fog, and multiple camera angles of your performance. I would have liked to be able to choose some "random" footage to intercut into the video as well, but I'm not part of the development crew.

Wii Music Video

As it stands, the videos look much like many other great performance videos.

How can a computer cut together a music video (something that is normally done by a professional editor)?

Because editing music performances is all about following the music, and as we have seen in the swirling "visualizations" that come with most computer-based music players, a computer can do just that very well.

And, as Microsoft is trying to cash in on, computers can help us make music. ...granted, Microsoft still isn't quite with the modern world with Songsmith, but they're trying. They really are. They just haven't been able to wrap their heads around the idea that this is more like an online gimmicky game than a tool, and so should be marketed differently and with a different income stream model... but they didn't ask me.

They should have.

But if you're looking for another game/teaching aid for music that is a better use of your $30, Wii Music would be something to consider.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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