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The New Follower

Google is constantly trying to make things "better" out here on the blogosphere, but that means we're guinea pigs while they run tests. I don't mind being a beta tester, but some of the changes "just happen" and we're left with the consequences. And that has the potential to lead to real problems.

Right now Google seems to be trying to improve their Followers gadget, and is perhaps incorporating the services of other developers as well. I can't really tell what they're doing with it. But I'll give you my first impressions:

  • I really like that they are trying to open Following up to more than just Blogger bloggers.
  • I like how much easier it is to flip through your Followers.
  • I hate that you can't right-click on a Follower's image and open their information in a new tab.
  • I can't tell what kind of organizational structure they are using (is it still latest additions at the top?).
  • I dislike the vague and, as far as I can tell, useless links they added to the box.
  • After reading their material and skimming the TOS of Friend Connect, I still don't know what else they are trying to add/do... and some of the releases are a little scary to me.

So, we'll see. I still like Google, but I think connecting Followers to Friend Connect may be a little premature, and I'm wary of where they're trying to take it.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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