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Give Me a Tutorial!

Is that too much to ask for?

It seems so.

I just got a camera. Putting in the battery was pretty easy. Setting it up was fairly straightforward. Shooting my first video was a breeze.

First Exilim Test Shot

But after that: Forget it.

All those features they sold me on? Yeah, they don't actually tell you how to accomplish any of those. The Quick Start Guide? Covers all the topics that happen naturally. The "Basic Reference" book? Basically worthless. And the User Manual? It's on the CD, which would be fine if I felt like opening that up and potentially voiding my return options. Is it on their own site for download? Of course not!

The learning curve of new technology is usually pretty steep. I get that (but it doesn't change the fact that it frustrates me to no end). But it feels like those who make the technology don't actually care about us end users.

So, here's what I want: With every camera, DVD recorder, or bit of software, give us an online tutorial that walks us step-by-step through every major "selling point" that is advertised. Every single one in colorful, fully descriptive steps.

I know. I ask for a lot.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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