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Desktops, MySpace and Youth

I was chatting with some kids today on a forum I moderate/run. We got on the topic of desktop wallpapers, and how several submissions to a recent contest I had put together were rather "busy," which I thought was odd for a viable background.

One of the kids told me that she was really into bright colors and crazy designs. Upon further inquiry she told me that she was even into things like hideous MySpace layouts.

As as I thought back to what I had in college... wait, nope, I still wasn't into crazy backgrounds. But I was just as narcissistic as ever:

College Desktop

But it was interesting to hear from kids who claim to actually like their crazy black backgrounds with hot pink text. Odd, but interesting.

So, what kind of desktop do you prefer?

Calm and Cool, or Crazy and Colorful?


Well, I'm still into girls.

Camilla Belle

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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