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Angles of Angels

[NB: I understand that foundationally angels are male, so please take the title as a poetic expression. Thanks.]

I received a catalog from Amvona yesterday, and the cover just blew me away. The girl in the picture was absolutely gorgeous, the lighting just right, and makeup perfect (meaning, you didn't notice it was there).

I tried to find a huge copy of the image to share with you, but couldn't (the guy didn't even have a full version of the photo on his site <grr>). So I scanned the catalog and tried to make do.

Just look at her:

Amvona - Meghan

I mean: Wow.

But then I flipped through the other images of girl. And this is the difference the angle--and hair, and a little makeup--can make:

Meghan Again


The lesson: You have the power to make people look really good, or... well, not. Some people are difficult to find a good angle for, but it's there.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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